Floralis Lisianthuskwekerij

The Floralis range

The Lisianthus (Latin name: Eustoma russellianum grandiflorum) is originally a prairie plant from America. The Lisianthus was already being grown in the Netherlands 25 years ago, after a great deal of cross-breeding in countries such as Japan. Thanks to these years of refinement and selection, we now have a Lisianthus range that can be grown effectively under modern Dutch conditions. The current range has a high decorative value and excellent shelf-life.

The Lisianthus is available with single and double flowers and comes in a range of colours with a standard length of 75 cm (shorter is also possible). The decorative value of the Lisianthus can be put down to the richness of flowers and buds in all stages and the lack of thorns. The Lisianthus, with its flowers, buds and leaves on the stem, is an elegant flower that is also very versatile. Whether it’s used at home in a vase, as a gift for someone else or even for a wedding bouquet or a funeral wreath.

Floralis Lisianthus nursery is a participant in the Lovelylisi promotional project; this also encompasses a complete range of Lisianthus. Our range of double-flowering Lisianthus can be found below:

Rosita White

The genuine, pure white flowers of the double-flowered Lisianthus and the excellent shelf-life means that this Lisianthus is extremely versatile.

Name: Rosita White
Productcode: 20024
Flower type: Double
Colour: White

Rosita Blue

A stunning, double-flowered Lisianthus which is exceptionally decorative as a result of its blue flowers and buds.

Name: Rosita blue
Productcode: 18291
Flower type: Double
Colour: Blue

Rosita Roze Pink

A rich, double-flowering Lisianthus with a beautiful top which displays a pretty range of pinks during its vase life.

Name: Rosita Roze Pink
Productcode: 18293
Flower type: Double
Colour: Pink

Rosita Lavender

A sturdy, double-flowered Lisianthus with a lavendel coulors that has a very elegant appearance.

Name: Rosita Lavender
Productcode: 117621
Flower type: Double
Colour: lavender

Arosa Red

A beautiful, long-life double-flowering Lisianthus that is exceptionally decorative with its red color.

Name: Arosa Red
Productcode: 118958
Flower type: Double
Colour: Red

All Lisianthus supplied by Floralis are transported in cut flower food and, as a result, the vase life is extended by up to a week. Use cut flower food throughout the chain, i.e. when the plants are with the grower, processed by the trade, at the florist and until they arrive in your vase.

Rosita Green

Name: Rosita Green
Productcode: 18292
Flower type: Double
Colour: Green