Floralis Lisianthuskwekerij


The Floralis Lisianthus nursery has been based in Honselersdijk since 2008 but it was the current generation’s grandfather who began the cultivation of cut flowers in ‘s-Gravenhage with flowers such as Dianthus and Fresias. After the new premises were constructed in Honselersdijk, the business decided to specialise in the year-round cultivation of Lisianthus. They are planted as young Lisianthus and grown on to become beautiful, floral plants. The Lisianthus can be delightful as a mono-bunch or in a bouquet.


The young Lisianthus plants are grown from seed by the plant supplier and are then planted by Floralis once they reach a height of about 8 cm. After a growing period of about 10 weeks, the adult Lisianthus with 2-3 open flowers are then harvested. If handled carefully by trade and the florist, the Lisianthus can last for 2 weeks as a cut flower in a vase with cut flower food.

Modern techniques

Floralis grows its plants in a modern glasshouse which incorporates support items such as a range of protective screens that keep excess sunlight out in the summer and retain the heat in the winter. However, if growing light is used, it is retained in the glasshouse as a result of using the specially designed assimilation screen.

Combined Heat and Power at Floralis

Every cubic metre of natural gas is also used in full as a result of employing a CHP (combined heat and power). The CHP generates electricity by burning gas and the residual heat that is produced by this process is used in the glasshouse. Emissions gases are also washed and used as a CO2 fertiliser for the Lisianthus.